April 19, 2006

Final Felted Bag

Here is a picture of my bag after it's 2nd and final felting. I'm very happy with how the 2nd felting went - it did shrink it a bit more and made the fabric much tighter and hopefully stronger.

I had planned to post this yesterday but I worked late and just as I was getting reading to leave the office, a Code Orange was called in to the ER from the fire department which kept me there until 8:30. A postal worker opened a mail box and a white powder exploded out onto her. The hospital went into Incident Command mode for a hazardous material event. I ended up being part of the team as the historian, the person responsible for recording all of the steps taken by our staff during the emergency event. We weren't sure what role we would play but it turns out our team decontaminated the two people and processed them through our ER while the substance was analyzed. It was found to have a pH of 4 which led to the assumption it was some kind of baby or talcum powder. The event was closed and the patients were sent home. Our team did a fantastic job and the area EMA supervisor was on hand to witness our performance.

I was quite tired by the time I got home and went straight to bed. Late this afternoon, we were informed that the substance was in fact ferilizer so the matter has gone from a nasty prank, which was serious enough, to one with malicious intent. The police are investigating the matter and I hope those responsible will be penalized for the trauma to the workers. Considerable expense resulted as well for the fire department, our team and the FEMA team involved in investigating the substance. This morning was my one year review with my boss (I can't believe it's been a year!!) so I was able to demonstrate that I've really experienced a lot over the course of this past year - including being part of a code incident!

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