April 1, 2006

Doing My Best to Support Local LNSs!

I finally have some photos to share as a result of a trip to Freeport. Last fall, I stumbled upon the website of Pheasant Run Needlecrafts which is located in Freeport, ME. It is run out of a small space attached to the owner's house. While not a large shop, it did have a pretty diverse range of charts and punchneedle. I managed to pick up three charts and three GAST threads that I thought I didn't have but of course I found out I had two of them when I got home.

I obviously must have been in a springy mood because all three charts have flowers as the focus. The two M Designs (Simple Sampler #2 and Floral Sampler) were new ones for me but I'm not sure if they are new releases. They are a bit different from what I usually go for, especially the Floral Sampler which has a very Art Deco feel to it. They use a combination of NPI silks (my favorites!) and Gloriana and Thread Gatherer fibers. The JBW Design is just really cute and I figured it would stitch up quite quickly.

I don't have most of the fibers currently in my stash so maybe I will use a little bit of my tax refund money to get them. It's probably good that I don't have the threads as I would have started them today. I have startitis! But I must get more done on Jo's birthday exchange piece before I can start anything new.

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Carol said...

Patti, you really did do a great job supporting your LNS!! Gold star for the day for you :-) I love that M Designs Floral Sampler!