April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

I hope you and your loved ones enjoyed a blessed Easter today. I will be celebrating next week which is Greek Orthodox Easter. I'm not Greek but my BIL is and my sister and family belong to a Greek Orthodox church so I tend to celebrate that more than regular Easter unless they fall on the same day.

This has been a very productive weekend for me. I finished Jo's exchange gift and got it put together. It's ready to go but I'm still waiting on some things I ordered for her so I can't send it off just yet. Hopefully, the package will arrive in tomorrow's mail. I am quite happy with how it turned out. I didn't do the finishing exactly as in the original as I thought the stitched piece alone was quite nice. I hope Jo thinks so too!

I also started my Melanie's Exchange piece. It's due to be mailed out on May 12th but I wanted to get going now that I have finally chosen a design. I can't reveal too much but here is what was sent to me to stitch with and the beginning of what I have chosen to stitch. This is going really quickly so I'm hoping I will get the stitching part finished this week. This project is allowing me to work with two fibers I have never used before - Dragon Floss which is from Wales and Six Strand Sweets. So far I like both fibers. The third fiber is GAST which I'm used to. This is a really neat exchange and I can't wait to see the various designs that result. I'm still not sure what I will do for finishing. I'd love to try something new but my creativity is sleeping at the moment! Hopefully it will wake up by the time the stitching is finished and I'll come up with something really clever.


Kiwi Jo said...

I'm sure I'll love whatever you've stitched me Patti :)

Barbara said...

Oh, I love Dragon floss - such a lovely shimmer to it - though it's not good for "re-stitching" as I learned on one project. ;-) SSS is also fun, though I have a hard time finding patterns that do justice to the playful colors.