April 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Jo!

Today is Jo's birthday and from the reading her blog today, it sounds like it was a very nice birthday for her. Happy Birthday Jo!

Today I got a chance to sit and stitch with my friend Nancy and catch up with what she's finished and what she's working on. Her list of accomplishments and WIPs is much, much greater than mine. It's always so fun to get together with her and see what she's up to, including some new designs that will be released in the very near future. I love Glory Bee designs!

With the stitching I did this afternoon with Nancy before my hair appointment and what I did this evening, I was able to complete my design for Melanie's Exchange with the SBEBB. I still have to attach the embellishment I received and I may decide to do a bit of backstitching but for the most part the piece is ready for finishing. Now if I could just decide how to finish it!

I also started a new sock today while I was waiting for the color to set at my hair appointment. The plan is that this pair will be for me but you never know!


Barbara said...

I looked over on Jo's blog at the gifts you sent her - what a super treat! The pillow is gorgeous, and the kitted-out Brightneedle is super thoughtful!!

Glory Bee said...

I had a great time getting together to stitch Saturday also. And as you can see I remembered what name to sign on with here! Jo's birthday gift is beautiful. What pattern is it?


Von said...

What a wonderful friend you are, Patti! Jo's gifts are fabulous, each one. Very thoughtful of you. :D