October 23, 2005

Books, my other obsession

This weekend I traveled to New Hampshire to attend a Halloween party and on the way, I made a stop at Barnes and Nobles. The closest B&N to me is in Newington, NH which is about 35 minutes away. But I stopped at the Manchester B&N which is my hold "local" store. I don't even know how long I was in there, but it was hours before I surfaced and realized I was supposed to be at my sister's helping set up for the party.

I stopped in initially to buy the December issue of The Cross Stitcher as mentioned in a previous post. Vivians design is really adorable and there were several projects in the magazine that I liked. I bought two copies because I'm going to send one to someone as a gift. Since I was at the store, I figured why not look around because it's not often I get to be in B&N these days without a specific trip to Newington. I'm usually pretty good about getting books out of the library but my library here is not the greatest. So, I came home with:

With all these books, I'm really going to have to set up a rotation for reading and stitching!


Cathy said...

I have to allow at least three hours every time I walk into a B&N!

Lelia said...

Nice book buys -- please let me know how Living to Tell the Tale is. I knew it was out but haven't heard from any 'reading friends' if they liked it! Enjoy the day

Danielle said...

Lucky you--new books, and good stuff, too! I can never go into a bookstore without leaving with several new things! I read the Steinbach book--it was good. I also have So Many Books. I have heard the Naipaul book is good, but I have never read him. Enjoy your new reads!

Faith Ann said...

I can relate... I love books and I love stitching, if only I could read and stitch at the same time!

As for Bangor, we actually go there to shop at a few different places a couple of times a year. I'm about 3.5 hours north of Bangor. I'm anxious to check out the new A.C. Moore craft store that just opened not far from the mall.

We also shop in Augusta and usually head to Freeport for outlet shopping. I'm surprised that someone told you there was only one mall!

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Gregory said...

Patti, thanks for buying my book -- Absorbing SpongeBob: Ten Ways to Squeeze More Happiness Out of Life. I had a lot of fun writing it, and I hope you'll get a few laughs reading it. My niece and I are both SpongeBob maniacs. Love the show. When Berkley asked me to do the book, I went for it. Happy Reading.

Steven Harriman