October 10, 2005

Happier Heart

This week is UFO week with Life's A Stitch. I've been working on my BOAF Happy Hearts since I finished Plymouth and I'm still hoping for another UFO finish in 2005. The top photo was on the 19th of September and the bottom photo was this evening before I picked it up to work on it. There is still a lot to do and the year is draining away quickly. I will work exclusively on this until Saturday so my goal is to have the heart filled in and be on to the funky part above it. I am enjoying working on this piece - it's 40ct R&R fabric - my favorite!

I've completed my sweetbag and just want to pick up a few more things to go in the package and then it will be mailed out - probably on Saturday. I've also started to put together my Legacy Sampler House exchange piece. I'm going to take it really slowly to ensure that it comes out right. I've cut all my pieces out this evening and now I need to get out the sewing machine and start that process. It will have to wait a few days because tomorrow evening I'm going to the symphony in Portland and Wednesday night is dinner with some friends from work. Lately I've had a lot of things in the evening which really cuts down on my stitching time. But it's good to get out instead of hibernating at home after work which is my inclination now that it gets dark so early. I'm not ready for winter!


Danielle said...

It looks really good. I love BOAF! Are you stitching the chart as it is, or are you changing dates and initials to personalize it?

BeckySC said...

I really do love this piece! Awesome!!

Ooh, enjoy the Symphony :)

Danielle said...

Hi Patti--I would love to do a SAL on the Tulips Ornament. I am going through my stash this weekend to see what supplies I need. I was so excited to get those GH charts! And I am looking forward to stitching that ornament!