October 6, 2005

Tassle on

Tonight I went to the quilt shop across the street and got more thread to make tassles for my sweetbag. This will be my first attempt at tassle making so wish me luck. Hopefully it will go better than the cord making adventure. I hope to sew on the tassles this weekend and then my sweetbag will be ready to go. That's a good thing because I'm running out of time and feeling very pressured these days. Exchanges are quite fun but a bit nerve racking with two due only three days apart. I'm such a procrastinator. I still want to pick up a few more things to include in my package though.

I also finally decided how I want to personalize my Legacy House Sampler exchange piece and I hope to finish that part off by Sunday and maybe even start the finishing. It's supposed to be rainy and in the low 60s all weekend so it's incentive to stay indoors. I'm having family company on Saturday so I'm not sure how much I will get done but I will do my best. I'd love to be finished by Wednesday so I have the following weekend to relax. Plus UFO week is starting on Sunday with LAS and I need to put some time into BOAF Happy Hearts - it's been neglected. Off and running.....

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BeckySC said...

Hey Patti :)
I am wishing you luck with the tassels :) GOOD LUCK, Patti :)

Let us know how it goes :)