October 18, 2005

Sweet Sweetbag!

Yesterday I received my Legacy Sweetbag exchange from Linda Meyer of Jacksonville, FL. She crafted the most adorable bag and filled the package with fun stickers, candy and a cute ornament that went immediatly up on my armoire. Stichers are so generous with their exchanges and I really appreciate all Linda's hard work. Here is her sweetbag and a picture of the package contents.

I sent mine out in the mail yesterday and I will post a photo once I know it's been received on the other end. I'm embarrassed because I totally forgot to add candy into the package! So it won't be quite as sweet as I had planned. This was a fun exchange.

I also sent out my Sampler House exchange piece and I really hope the recipient likes what I did. It is going overseas so it might be a week or so before it's received. I will post photos of that as well once it's reached its home.

I have been stitching on my CHS Alphabets which is over one and I can't believe how tiny each one will be. I will post a photo tomorrow as I hope to get more work done on it tonight.


Lelia said...

Patti: Cute bag! What a treasure.

Nicki said...

What a lovely bag!

Looking forward to the CHS alphabet photo!