October 19, 2005

Teeny Tiny Angel

I am doing a stitch along with the oh so talented Vivian whose design is on the front page of the December issue of The Cross Stitcher magazine. We are stitching the CHS Alphabet series together, each buying half of the designs and then sending them to the other once we've stitched them. Viv is doing all of hers as little individual pillows but I am doing mine all on one piece over one. She is waaaay ahead of me of course but here is my progress so far. I am using 30 ct cream fabric and the GAST threads called for. The border is one sent to me by Kathy Barrick and has small flowers on the flat parts of the repeat.

I absolutel love how this is turning out - so miniature. I will be making this a focus piece along with my BOAF piece over the next few months. I have B, C and D waiting to be stitched and then they are on to Vivian in the great wilds of the Yukon where they have grizzlies closer than Vivian would like to know about.

On another note, a dear sweet blogger was sent a really mean email and is justifiablly shaken by it. In my experience, fellow stitchers and bloggers are some of the most wonderful and genrous people I know and I'm so sorry this happened. I really hope it doesn't deter her from sharing herself and her stitching the way she always has. It would be a terrible loss to our community. My thoughts go out to her and I hope she is comforted by all those who care about her. There are many more of us than the unkind person who sent the email. What goes around comes around you know.....


Joanie said...

Hi there! Thanks for asking about me on my blog! I appreciate that you thought of me to ask how I am doing.

I am trying to finish up my exchange pieces. I got behind when my Dad died and I went into a mini-depression. Plus, there is so much to do when someone passes that I got about 2 weeks behind with my stitching. So, I am now putting together my Halloween piece and my Quaker RR. Nancy K. is my partner for 2 of the exchanges and she has graciously told me that I can be *late*.

I love your over one finishes. I am not brave to try over one, mainly because I have a problem counting!!! Even on my fingers! So frogging would just frustrate me so much. SO I will watch your progress on your alphabet and I will marvel at how beautiful the sampler is.

Thanks so much for your friendship. Throughout these last couple of months I have leaned on my stitching *sisters* for support and a shoulder to cry on. You have been a blessing to me.

Isabelle said...

How sweet! Everything: your SAL with Vivian and exchanging patterns, your Angel, and what you said about dear Becky.

I'm very impressed with your over one stitching. This is oh so cute!

Nicki said...

Oooh, thank you for posting a first pic! It looks lovely and so tiny. I'd love to follow in your footsteps one day and do the same over one alphabet.

And I totally agree with you about the nasty email. It was completely uncalled for.

Danielle said...

I love your over one alphabet! I have some of these charts. At some point I also would like to stitch them into little cushions! Are you stitching on one large piece of fabric?

Lelia said...

Oh, no kidding about nasty comments -- Karma means you don't get away with ANYTHING. I feel for Becky ... she is precious.

Love your alphabet pieces + look forward to your progress pictures. Exactly how 'small' are they over one? I'm very curious.

Carol said...

Your alphabet project is a lovely idea - I can't wait to see more progress!

Thanks for your sweet words about our blogging pal.... I agree, it truly was terrible :-(

KarenV said...

Your over one alphabet is looking lovely Patti! These designs are really cute over one. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on these :)