March 27, 2006

Monday down, Tuesday on the horizon

No pictures to share tonight. I had to frog two sides of my latest exchange piece and stitch them back in so yesterday's progress was pretty small. I also put in the short and one long side of the background color on my rug. I've taken it out of the hoop because of the end pieces and it seems to be going easier without the hoop. I never use one to stitch and am wondering if there is a technical reason I need to use one for rug hooking? I will have to ask my teacher this question. I don't know if it has somethign to do with keeping the tension? It just seems more comfortable to roll it up in my lap rather than bother with moving the hoop all over. Do you think colonial rug hookers had hoops or frames? Hmmm.... Guess a bit of research might be in order. I probably won't have much chance to blog this week until Friday as I have evening events Tuesday through Thursday. I will be very glad when it is Friday!


Barbara said...

Patti, I'm posting this from my friend Sara (who doesn't have a Blogger account):
"Patti, where in NH do you get your hair cut? We have a summer home in Maine and I haven't been able to find a good place to get a hair cut! My grandmother, mother-in-law, mother and aunt all hooked rugs and all used a frame. When we moved into our original house in Westbrook there was an old hoop in the basement. We left there 10 years ago so I have no idea what became of it. Your progress looks great! "

Danielle said...

Lucky you to learn how to rug hook--that is another thing I want to learn how to do--but at the moment no time or money! So I will watch your progress! :)