May 1, 2006

Not meant to be?

Tonight I ripped out the sock I started for the second time yesterday. I had dropped a stitch and discovered it several rows later and then discovered I had gained a bunch of extra stitches on one needle. I have a very bad habit of forgetting to bring the yarn to the back after purling on this sock for some reason. So rather than suffer the pain of slowly reverse knitting when it had taken me so long to knit in the first place, I ripped the whole thing out and decided maybe this pattern wasn't meant to be for me at this point.

However, a step away from the project convinced me that I am not willing to give up on mastering this pattern so I will be restarting the sock - but probably not tonight! LOL I think I need a break. I cut off the section that I had knitted twice as it was quite kinked and looking a bit worn. I will start fresh tomorrow!


Tracy Baby said...

You have my sympathy, i'm not really a great knitter but I like to have a project on the go and at the moment its a beautiful baby blanket, which I spent more time undoing than actually knitting ,but I just cant give up on it ,I,m in no real hurry to finish it so sometimes it sits for along time before I pick it up again and do another few lines ,this actually seems to help me to continue enjoying it where as if I had a deadline I probably would have given up .How is cowboy doing?

~Harsha~ said...

ohh.. I feel for you. even tho i do not know how to knit LOL :) *hugs*

Melissa said...

I feel your pain! I'm working on a scarf that I ripped out umpteen hundred times before I got it right.