March 6, 2006

D is for Done

Yesterday I finished up the stitching on D is for Deer and started the outline for E. I was at my LNS on Saturday to pick up a few things for an SBEBB exchange and totally forgot to look for the next 4 letters. I guess I will just have to order them on line instead. I'm excited to have completed one row and be moving along to the next one.

My thanks to everyone on their kind comments about my rug hooking. I'm really enjoying working on the piece. I plan to work on it a little bit at a time and am in no rush to complete it. I am thinking I might have it completed by the end of the month if I make steady progress.


Von said...

Love seeing your progress on this alphabet!! And sounds like you really are interested in pursuing the rug hooking! Diversification is great fun. :D

Nicki said...

It's gorgeous Patti! It really looks like progress now you're on the second row :)

~Harsha~ said...

lovely progress!! i love seeing you work on this..