March 1, 2006

My own March Madness

March is the month for basketball March Madness but for me it will mean new craft classes. Tomorrow night I am taking a hammered silver jewelry class with my boss - she needs a hobby and loves jewelry so I'm hoping she likes it. I've never done any jewelry making so it will be an interesting experience. I've found an art studio in South Portland that offers a wide variety of different classes each month and the prices are pretty reasonable.

I'm taking the jewelry class and then a week after that I am taking a collage class. I've been very intrigued by Danielle's ATCs that she makes and I thought this might be a step in the right direction. Plus on Saturday, I'm taking a primitive rug hooking class from the real estate agent that represented the seller of my house! She is teaching an adult education class at York High School and was kind enough to let me know after we had talked about it way back last May.

I've been dying to try this but half afraid as I know I will become obsessed and it means more stash and more money and oh no, the need for more storage space! I've already ended up buying a hoop frame but luckily it will work for my cross stitching as well. It can be a single hoop or by putting two together with the accompanying legs, you can turn it into a lap stand. I'm going to try it for working on my HAED Storey Keeper this weekend.

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Barbara said...

Have fun with those classes! I love the look of hammered silver jewelry. Don't forget to show us pictures of your projects!