March 3, 2006


I am so glad it's Friday! It's been a very busy and productive week but one that's left me feeling very tired today. I am really looking forward to the weekend. I already came home and took a 1/2 hour nap.

Last night was my jewelry class and I really enjoyed it. I think my boss did too. Here is the pendant that I made using a 12 inch piece of silver wire. We learned various ways to bend and twist the metal as well as how to use different ball peen hammers to work the metal. You probably can't tell from the photo but my heart has little dents in it from the hammers so it has a worn/worked look to it. I wore it to work today and I am really thrilled with it!

I also finished the first piece of my penny needlework companions, the pincushion. It went together fairly quickly. I have started working on the needlebook this evening but I think I will put it away to work on some cross stitching tonight. Ann, the kit is designed by Karyn Lord of Wool &Whimsey and is called "Violas" Penny Needlework Companions. I bought mine at the shop and if you like, I can pick one up or order one for you. Just let me know!

Tomorrow is my rug hooking class and I'm really looking forward to that. There was a small hooked wall hanging at the studio last night and it just made me even more eager to learn this technique.


Barbara said...

Great heart! And your penny project is also adorable. Thanks for sharing!

Von said...

Patti, you've surely been having lots of fun! Everything is just beautiful!!

Joanie said...

Hi Patti! Your penny project is too cute! I clicked on that website and I spent $ enabler!

Love your silver heart too.

Have fun with your new crafting adventures!

AnneS said...

Thanks so much for posting the kit/shop info. I'm going to contact them and see if I can mail order it - if that doesn't work out, I'll take you up on your kind offer of ordering it, if that's OK ... by hook or by crook I want that kit LOL :D Your pincushion worked out beautifully :D