March 26, 2006

Spring Sunday

I just got back from a 45 minute walk. The sun was shining and it was fairly warm although the wind needs to go away for it to truly feel spring-like. But it was lovely all the same and I saw quite a few others taking advantage of the sunshine.

Yesterday was a trip to NH for a haircut so I didn't have much time to be crafty. However, I did sit down last night and complete the other side of my rug. Now all that is left to complete is the background which will be black. I've decided not to hook in the swirly lines on either side - I may regret it but I just couldn't decide what color I wanted to do so I decided to just leave them out! I hope to start hooking in the background some time today. I also managed to do a little bit more on E is for Elephant. As Anna suggested, I ended up cutting out the threads. I still need to put the small letter e back in.

While I was in NH, I stopped by Colonial Needleworks to pick up something stitching related to include with my Yahoo group Easter exchange piece. I found a nice chart by Country Garden Stitchery that I hope my partner will enjoy. I also picked up some WDW threads and came out with a number of WDW skeins that I didn't personally need but I fell in love with the colors. They are are all very strongly variegated and I'm thinking of trying some of the small Quaker freebies I have in my stash just for fun to see how they come out.

Today I am beginning Jo's birthday exchange piece as it got neglected this week. I'm really looking forward to stitching this for myself at some point. And I must put together my Easter exchange piece so it can be sent off this week. I still haven't received my threads for the Melanie's Exchange so I can't do anything but lurk on the receiver's blog for now!

Here is a picture of my CHS alphabet progress. The shop I was at yesterday didn't have any of the other letters so I guess I'm going to have to order them online.

I hope you enjoy a fabulous spring Sunday where ever you are!


zoeandcooper said...

Great progress on your alphabet...It looks great!!!

~Harsha~ said...

you're so near to finishing that rug! :)

Von said...

Your rug is so cool! What a great project.
Sounds like you had a great weekend and accomplished quite a lot. :D

Barbara said...

Your rug hooking project is fantastic! And your progress on the CHS alphabet really has me itching to start it ... but I have some stuff I simply must get done before I start another project....