March 18, 2006

Saturday Stitching

I did not get a whole lot of stitching done today but here are updates of what I did manage to do. I finished the frame of Zs on my Snug needleroll. This was the last day to UFO stitch for the week so I will be putting this away until next month. I had hoped to do the other three corner woven stitches but that was not to be.

This is my progress on E is for Elephant. I changed to top border a bit-it called for Bittersweet on the inner border of the diamond shape motifs with a center stitch of Tropical Ocean. I thought the reverse would look much better with the Nutmeg outside and I really like it this way instead. I just couldn't picture the Nutmeg and Bittersweet next to each other. I hope to get some of the elephant started tomorrow.

I also stitched on an Easter exchange project but I can't show you that yet. It's for the Yahoo group that Danielle invited me to join and it's my first time participating. I hope all goes well. I also got my name for the 2nd part of Melanie's exchange so I hope my materials arrive this week so I can get started on that. And I finally decided on a design for Jo's birthday exchange piece with the SBEBB. I cut the fabric tonight and pulled the threads. I couldn't find one color so I'm hoping it's down here in another project kit. If not, I will have to run across the street for it tomorrow.

I have been on a spring cleaning frenzie today which turned out to me more of an organizing frenzy I guess. I did some cleaning but there's quite a bit more I need to do. But I did clean off my desk, wind 7 skeins of the most gorgeous wool into balls for my next project which will be a cardigan sweater, organize all of my cross stitch freebies - throwing out duplicates and grouping them by theme so they will be much easier to use. I hope it will make me want to stitch more of them because I have a lot of them and they are really nice. They would probably also be quick stitches which is always nice. I also put all my UFO projects in one place and cleared off my sewing table. Next up will be organizing the collage supplies I bought yesterday. I'm not quite sure where they are going to go yet!

Anna, I loved working with the Berocco Suede and will definitely use it again. I subscribe to their weekly email newsletter and they often have free patterns using their yarn. I have a great one for a bag using the suede and also one for a cell phone holder. I bought a ball of purple Suede to make that eventually. My next project with Berocco yarn will be a felted bag using Medley. and free pattern from their newsletter. I've never felted anything so that should be interesting.


Von said...

You got quite a bit of stitching done today! That and cleaning? You're my hero, lol!!

Barbara said...

Great progress!

Cleaning? Organizing??

AnneS said...

Your snug needleroll is looking stunning! I love seeing the progress piccies of this one :D