March 19, 2006

Sunday Already?

After a luxurious three day weekend, I hate to see Sunday come to an end. I got a lot accomplished over the three days but I would love to have a few more days to work on projects. Ah well, I guess I have to pay for my hobbies some way right?

Here is a photo of the lovely Manos del Uruguay yarn I wound into balls yesterday. It's the most lovely combination of purples, reds, golds and a little brown and orange. I can't wait to get started on swatching for my cardigan.

I did my taxes this morning and was pleasantly surprised at the amounts I'm getting back both from the federal government and from the state of Maine. It's already earmarked for a new driveway and a radon mitigation system but one can dream right? Can you imagine just spending it on yarn or cross stitch or art supplies? I can!

I also put a good few hours into my rug which had been sadly neglected this past week. Once I pick it up, I end up doing a fair amount. It's getting easier but I still sometimes fight to get that hook with wool up through that little hole! I need to complete the right side and the left and right border and then I can start filling in the black background and it will be done.


Von said...

It's always sad to see the holiday come to an end. :( Sounds like you enjoyed your time off!
Love seeing your rug progress and the yarn is scrumptious!

~Harsha~ said...

what gorgeous yarn!!

Anna van Schurman said...

Hey, we're getting a new driveway with our tax return too. I'd much rather spend it on yarns and fabric, but there's something about a wall of water seeping into the basement that makes me happy to redirect the funds...