May 23, 2006

Back to regularly scheduled blogging

It's been a week since I've sat down to write a blog entry - there's been a lot going on lately. Tonight I want to share the wonderful package I received yesterday from Chiara for Melanie's Exchange with the SBEBB. It is just gorgeous and she hand made the box as well. Isn't she talented? The paper that lines the box is a gorgeous green with fairies on it. I will display it on my nightstand next to the wall where my other heart pieces are displayed. She included a wonderful smelling candle, a great heart chart and note pad as well as some lovely colors of Danish flower thread. Thank you Chiara for taking the time to scout out my blog and stitch the perfect design for me - hearts! It's really funny because I stitched this exact same design for my partner Sabine. She received her gift and seems quite happy with it.

I finished it using a piece of foam core board wrapped in cotton batting and then I attached the two pieces of fabric using glue. Then I found a perfect color ribbon, formed a hanger with a knot tied in and glued the two ends around the sides of the piece. I couldn't figure out a way to personalize the stitched piece so I included a littlee hang tag that says "To Sabine from Patti". I was lucky enough to have a piece of fabric that matched the thread colors I was sent really well.

Last night was the final crochet class. I sewed my purse together and now I just need to make a handle and attach it and sew on my buttons. I will show a picture once it's completely finished but I really like it. It was a pretty quick project to make and might be a good idea for Christmas gifts.


Nicki said...

I love both the exchange you received and the one you sent! Thanks for telling us how you did the finishing - it's lovely!

Barbara said...

Your exchanges are beautiful. I love the heart you made, and the gifts you received are also lovely!