May 6, 2006

Persistence Pays Off

I restarted my problem sock last night and here is the result of taking my time and checking twice! You can't really see the cabling pattern - I wish I had a zoom lens on my camera. I think my yarn choice is a bit to puffy for the design but if you have the piece in your hand, you can see the cables. I got a new Patterworks catalog in the mail today and they have some Lorna's Laces which was used in the pattern. I may just have to buy a few skeins to see if there's a big difference.

I also started the finishing of my Melanie's Exchange piece. I need to go to Walmart tomorrow to see if I can find a color coordinated ribbon to finish it off. Then it's just a waiting game for the goodies I ordered from Elegant Stitch to arrive and it will be ready to send off to its new home.

I also started putting in basting lines for the Erica Michael's alphabet pieces. I'm trying to be careful to ensure I have enough fabric to do the finishing. It says to make sure there are 12 squares (24 threads) between the two designs so I've folded my fabric down the middle and then basted a line 6 threads out from the fold (it has its own basting line) on either side. I also put in a horizontal center basting line. I'm a bit concerned because it says to center the design on the individual sides of the fabric but it seems that with the lines for the space between blocks/fold line, my stitched piece will be closer to the fold line. I hope this is correct - I'm thinking it is to allow for attaching the pieces together on the right? I sure hope so!


Tracy Baby said...

I,ve just cut out my fabric for letters A& B but haven"t start the tacking lines yet, are you planing to stitch each page on the same fabric ?

Barbara said...

I'm a little hopeless at figuring the finishing allowances for these projects. If only they'd taught math classes with these sort of practical applications ... LOL.

I'm debating on buying a beginners' knitting book. I've loved looking at your projects and would really like to do something with my yarn other than make knots of it.

Tracy Baby said...

Hey Patti no I dont think I asked about a designer ,but I will pop over and have a browse through your photos.

Tracy Baby said...

Hey Patti ,no I dont think I asked about a designer ,but I will pop over and have a browse through your photos.

Emma said...

The colors in the yarn are so pretty, regardless of whether you can see the cables or not. I wish my camera zoomed too--that's so going to be on my Chirstmas List this year!