May 12, 2006

R.I.P. or RIP?

Well, I had a sweater finishing class on Wednesday and I took along my sock in the hopes of asking the instructor where I had gone wrong. She helpfully showed me where I had misunderstood the pattern chart. But this meant a decision of either continuing on with the errors or ripping the 10 cables I had already completed out and starting over - for the 4th time. When I left the shop on Wednesday, I wasn't ripping out. By the time I got home, I sat and ripped it out. This is a fabulous patterned sock and I really want to get it right. So on Thursday night at my S&B group, I restarted the pattern. So far I've gotten 3 cables finished and it looks much better.

Tomorrow starts my UFO week with a BB I belong to so I think I'm going to start a little early. I will be working on my Snug needleroll which I haven't picked up since March. Here is where I left off. I will start with the remaining 3 woven stitches in the corners and then go up or down. The weather here has been really rainy and damp so it's perfect for sitting and stitching.

On a four legged note, today Colby (we're trying this name out instead of Cowboy) had a vet appointment. He's doing great but we really need to work on the aggressive behavior - he gave the most adorable new puppy a very traumatic first vet experience by barking like crazy. I've now filled all my coat pockets with bits of dog treats to try and do some on leash training. The vet suggested a Gentle Leader so I may go to the pet store and pick one up tomorrow. I had to use one on my other JRT for pulling issues so I'm familiar with how they work.

Colby is such a great dog in every other way but I am afraid of letting him get close to other dogs as he's already bitten one while on leash. I also got him registered in town and received the paperwork to get his microchip transferred to me. I've had him two weeks now and I can't believe how fast the time has gone. We are going to start a refresher obedience class on June 7th so I hope to get his aggressiveness under control by then.

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Barbara said...

Good luck with getting Colby to behave around other dogs. A short-term obedience class might be in order. And I assume he's been neutered? We also had problems like this with our bulldog. Good luck!