May 25, 2006

Not quite a delinquent after all

Tonight I took Cowboy to the animal shelter where we will be taking obedience classes. I was very concerned about how aggressive and hyper he is when he sees other dogs while we are out walking. I figured if he reacts that way during class, no one will get anything out of it because of the disruption.

I had a private lesson with one of the instructors and overall he was really good. They actually had a class going so he was exposed to a lot of other dogs which is good. The instructor felt that after the first class or two he should be just fine and gave me some techniques to work on before class starts on June 7th. I think it will be really good for Cowboy to have something to keep his mind working on and maybe off of thoughts of eating the cat across the street at the first opportunity!

Tomorrow is Friday and the start of a long weekend - I can't wait! The weather looks pretty good and I hope to get my flower boxes planted and some landscaping started. I hope you have some wonderful plans for your long weekend as well!


lobstah said...

I guess you know how Cowboy got his name--he sounds like a "wild one"! Ha ha.
I need to plant all my flower boxes this weekend too! Enjoy the holiday :)

Barbara said...

Hi Patti - enjoy your long weekend, and good luck with Cowboy's obedience training!