May 9, 2006

Blues and more blues

For someone who is not a fan of the color blue, I'm sure working with it a lot these days! My Conwy socks are being knit with a variegated blue yarn and my Storey Keeper is tons and tons of different shades of blue.

I've completed 8 cable rounds on my sock with four more to go before starting the heel. I know there are some errors - I'm find it difficult to maintain the pattern on needles 1 and 4 which have a decrease every 8 rows. I think you'd have to be a knitter or looking extremely close to tell so I'm not going to worry about it too much. The most visible part, the front, looks really good.

This past Sunday, I put some quality time into my HAED Storey Keeper piece. As of tonight, I've completed 1400 stitches - and the stitched area is barely an inch wide by about 1 3/4 inches long. Talk about slow moving progress!

Last night I drove to Portsmouth for a crochet class. I've been seeing some wonderful edges on knit sweaters that call for crochet plus some really cool crochet pieces so I signed up for the class back in January. It's three consecutive Mondays. I like the teacher and I picked up the hang of crocheting quite quickly. The hardest part is holding the yarn right because it's held by my left hand instead of the right as I'm used to with knitting. We will end up making a small crocheted purse that can be used as a summer bag. Tomorrow night I go back for a sweater finishing class.

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