May 4, 2006

King of the Castle

From the look of this picture, I would say that Cowboy is settling in just fine. He has gotten more playful and enthusiastic each day when I come home. He greets me with a happy stub tail and kisses which is a great change from just a week ago. He remains good as gold. There are signs of the stubborn JRT personality and he's got the most amazing nose for scents but overall he is very well behaved. All of my neighbors are getting used to seeing him up in the window watching everything that goes on. He is really a great little guy and I'm so happy he's mine.

Tuesday night I went through my stash and picked some fabric and threads to start the Erica Michael's Stitcher's Surprise Alphabet book. I've decided to use this raw linen (it's not marked so I think that's what it is. I had two separate pieces in my stash which will be enough to do the first six letters. I've decided to use WDS Adobe for the Algerian eyelet and WDW Celebration for the Butterfly stitch. I also printed out D is for Daffodil and Diamond Ray. I'm pretty sure there's a WDW color called Daffodil so I'm probably use that and I'm leaning towards Mermaid for C is for Castle. I hope to start this project this weekend so "photos coming soon" on that one.

I also went ahead and ordered the next five lettes of the CHS alphabet series - F, G, H, I and J - from Wyndham Needleworks. This weekend I must complete the finishing on my Melanie's Exchange piece so it will be ready to go when the stash I ordered for my partner arrives from Elegant Stitch. I really hope she will like it as I have been doing a bit of snooping on her blog! It's such fun to try and surprise people.


Von said...

Glad to hear Cowboy is fitting into your household so well, Patti. JRT can be such charmers. :)
I have downloaded the Erica Michaels alphabets, but haven't started them yet. Will be great to see yours!

Tracy Baby said...

Cowboy is so cute! in true terrier style he knows how to make himself at home.I,ve also downloaded the Erica Michaels alphabets and are itching to start them but I really have too many things on the go already.

Barbara said...

So glad that Cowboy is settling in happily!

Joanie said...

Oh, Patti, he looks like the King of your house! He's a cutie, that's for sure. You are tempting me about the Erica Michaels enabler! Have a great weekend!!

Danielle said...

Hi Patti,
How are you! Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while--I have been so busy that I haven't had much time to visit my blog list! I heard you got a dog--what a cutie!! Hope all is well with you!
Danielle (Peacock's Feather)