May 29, 2006

A Very Productive Long Weekend

Well, the three day Memorial weekend is drawing to a close. I'm sorry to see it end but I'm really happy with all that I accomplished. And there's only four work days this week so the weekend will arrive quickly!

On Saturday I was out very early (7:15am) to get plants and mulch for the yard. I planted two new perennials and my window boxes and mulched my beds. Last year I didn't do anything because I was busy on the inside and getting settled into my new job and home. This year everything looks much better at Casa Pearl. On Sunday I hung these cute green lanterns I found at Target - they are battery operated! and my wind chimes and lanterns that I have had for a while. I am really pleased with how everything turned out and Cowboy and I spent quite a bit of time sitting on the porch yesterday afternoon.

This morning I made curtains for my kitchen windows - can you believe that everything is from Walmart - the fabric, trim and rods? I am so pleased with how these turned out - pretty professional if you ask me! :-) I even hung the rods myself this afternoon. I tend to procrastinate on things like that but was determined I wasn't going to let my beautiful curtains lie around for another week before I hung them. I plan to make some kind of seat covers and panels to hide some storage I have. That will probably wait until next weekend though.

And just a short time ago, I finished the first Conwy sock. I think I could have gone one more row of cables before beginning the decrease for the toe as it's a tiny bit short which may make it wear faster. I think will add the extra cable to the other sock and see how they wear. Please disregard the pasty leg in the photo! I'm thrilled to finally have completed at least one of these socks. I may wait a week or so before starting the other. The first one took forever!

I hope you enjoyed your long holiday weekend and thanks to those who've served our country and are memorialized on this day.

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Tracy Baby said...

your sock looks great ,last week I was in my favourite wool store and they had the cutest little baby socks so I had to buy the pattern,wool and needles,now while I can knit quite well I have never knitted on 4 needles or made socks,so after my first attempt if a pixie baby comes my way I,m ready for them (the toe is certainly a little odd) lol ,oh well I will try again they are very cute.Your curtain also look great.