June 19, 2006


I spent countless hours yesterday afternoon in my 84 degree "office" trying to add a Knit Kit Swap button to my blog and start a list of all the blogs I read. Right when I thought I had it figured out, either Blogger failed or my PC failed because everything was lost. Sigh, I've now got to go back and recreate what I did yesterday and try and figure out my spacing issues. I thought this was supposed to be "push button publishing"????

It was quite a warm day yesterday - our first of the summer. I haven't put my AC units in yet and I must say I was sorry for that yesterday. But I put a call into my handy man guy to hopefully install them this week. One is just too heavy and the other goes in one of my new windows and the frames are different so I'm afraid it will fall out unless it's screwed in and I am not going to be the one to drill into my new windows. I will let Dave figure it out.

On the crafty front, I did managed to sew a curtain for my bathroom window and get that hung and I sewed up a panel to hide my storage space in the bathroom and I'm really pleased with the results. I also managed to get some stitching in so here are pictures of that and the progress of my second STR Pebble Beach sock.


Barbara said...

Love that teensy dress!!!

Danielle said...

Your Housewren is coming out nicely!! Don't the colors look great on that black? Even though it is not the easiest fabric to stitch on, I really love how it looks!