June 10, 2006

Maine Fiber Frolic

Despite today being a grey and rainy day - AGAIN!!! I decided to venture up north to my first fiber event. The 2006 Maine Fiber Frolic is taking place this weekend at the Windsor Fairgrounds. Windsor is east of Augusta and took me about 2 hours to reach. Not too many cars in the parking lot when I arrived around noon - I think the weather kept a lot of people indoors. My pictures aren't that great - it was soo gloomy even with the flash.

I wandered around the barns and looked at the alpacas, sheep and goats - some interesting displays of heritage breeds and angora goats. A man was giving instructions to two younger boys on how to show their goats which was fun to watch. There were also some adorable angora rabbits - the yarn for sale was just incredibly soft and lovely. I was also very tempted to buy some alpaca yarn but resisted!

Then it was a wander through the commercial tents and various booths with fiber related products. I wandered through everything first, had some lunch and then went back to buy some.... sock yarn of course! I bought 4 skeins of hand dyed superwash merino from a woman named Amy King. Her brand name is Spunky Eclectic and I bought two skeins of Dinasour and two skeins of Gunsmoke. It's so much nicer to be able to see colors in person versus seeing them on your computer monitor. There were some really lovely things available for sale but I stayed under my $50.00 budget - barely!

I think this would have been a more worthwhile trip if the weather had been better. It ended up being a 4 hour drive for just 1.5 hours spent at the event.


Barbara said...

Great pictures! Sorry the weather was awful, but your yarn is great!

Anonymous said...

Very restrained. I doubt I could have a $50 limit. LOL!

Hope you thought it was worth the trip. It's a little like our Sheep and Woolcraft show here in Victoria, Australia. It's next month (July) and every year I regret that fact that I didn't save up more spending money.

Joanie said...

Hey the trip wasn't a wash, you got new stash! That's always a plus!

It would have been a bummer had you traveled that distance and came home with your $50 in your pocket. So, I say, even though the weather was icky, your trip was a success!

Can't wait to see your progress with this new yarn, I am especially interested in seeing what the dinosaur colored yarn looks like once it turns into socks!

sherlom holmes said...

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