June 14, 2006

Forward Progress

First, thank you to all for your thoughtful comments on yesterday's post. The great thing about stitchers is that although we come in many different shapes, colors and nationalities, not to mention geographic locations, we still seem to have so much in common and think alike in a lot of ways.

Tonight was my and Cowboy's second obedience class. Let's just say I'm drinking a big glass of wine while I type this! LOL It was 150% better than last week and I'm really proud of him. Last week he was so stressed out and overexcited I thought there was no way we would ever make any progress. He cried and flipped out for most of the hour long class and had to be located in a hallway rather than the actual room for the class. We did a lot of work over the course of the week and I saw a lot of improvement in his obedience. Tonight I got there early and there was only one dog there before us. This gave him a chance to freak out and then get over it as more dogs arrived. By the time the class was over, he was so exhausted from being excited and working, he ran out of steam. Overall he was really well behaved, sitting beside me and not doing the incessant crying and whining he exhibited last week. That's progress! I think he will sleep very well tonight and I know I will!

On the stitching front, I started CHS Dainty House Wren on Monday night and I've put some more time into G is for Goose. I'm happy with my progress on both pieces and hope to finish G by the weekend if I get some quality stitch time. I'm much happier with how the outlining looks now that more of the design is visible.


Von said...

Glad to hear Cowboy did better at school yesterday. :)
My kids would like to get a puppy, but I just can't handle adding another living body to the house just now, lol!
Good to hear that the outlining in Goose looks better to you now. :D

KarenV said...

Yay for Cowboy! Hope he continues to improve :)

I think G is for Goose looks great - the outlining is fine and doesn't look out of place. I love watching your progress on these little charts!

Barbara said...

Okay Patti, you've convinced me that dog obedience class really is worth it. We have been toying with the idea of getting a dog after we return from Maine this summer and if we do, we will enroll him/her immediately in a doggie training course to avoid the problems we had with our previous pooch. And, oh, CHS looks GREAT!

Beverly said...

Cowboy is a handsome fellow! It took a lot of work for my Maddie and I to learn how to work together well. She still loses focus when there is a squirrel in the area, lol!

Your stitching is beautiful!

Sharon said...

Cowboy is a cutie, glad he is doing better! CHS alphabet looks great! I want you to know you are an enabler, as I am about to buy some of these charts to add to my stash. It will make me feel better to know they are there-LOL