June 21, 2006

Happy Summer Solstice!

Today is the longest day of sunlight all year long and the day to celebrate the summer solstice. It was totally gorgeous here and I sat out on the patio at work and ate my lunch today. It was very hard to go back inside to my desk.

Sorry it's been a week without pictures. I have been working on my second sock and this morning started the heel. Tonight was obedience class so I won't make too much progress tonight I think. We did pretty well in class and the instructor showed me how to be a bit firmer on some things with Cowboy. We are half way through our 6 week course and I'm pretty happy with how we're doing.

I am planning to take Friday off this week so I should have some pictures of stitching and knitting to share before the week is out!

Hope you got out and enjoyed that extra sunshine!

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Barbara said...

Happy solstice to you, too. I enjoyed the day tremendously, and I'm glad you did, too. :)