June 27, 2006

Thank you Handyman Dave!

Handyman Dave was able to come over yesterday and get my two other brackets installed so I was able to hang up my curtains last night. Unfortunately, despite all my measuring care, they were not level. So Handyman Dave came over this morning before going on a lobstering trip to move one of the brackets up. The result is as follows:

Sorry the photos are not the greatest. This is a dark room and although I tried to photoshop them closer to the original, they are not great pictures. Some things you will notice I'm sure - they are short. When I originally did the measurements, I thought I would have them hang just above the baseboard heaters. They are a bit longer and now I think they need to come to the floor. I have a few options, find a trim and add it to the bottom or add additional material and "fudge" the look to make them reach the floor. There are hold backs that match the rod and I think that would help to spruce them up. I could also use corded tassels or something like that. I do have a two inch brown fringe trim with enough to attach a row at the top or at the bottom but the bottoms will still be short of the floor I think. Here is a closeup of the fabric of the curtains and two other fabrics in the color grouping that could potentially be used to trim these. I was thinking of creating a tablecloth using one, two or all three of the fabrics.

Your opinions are welcome so please comment!


Michelle said...

I love your fabric choice! You might try fudging the bottom by adding a few inches of fabric and then adding trim, like fringe. I like the idea of using one of your alternate fabrics, the blue or the gold, for your table cloth. If you use gold or blue trim, you could use the same color for the table cloth. Glad you got them hung!

Joanie said...

Your curtains are beautiful! Love the fabric and they just make your room.

Kathie said...

Your fabric is beautiful, Patti. It reminds me of some Sturbridge fabric I have in my stash. As for adding length, if you are going to tie them back, I think I would do that first so you have an idea how much to add at that point. You might find they don't look as short once you pull them back. Just an idea. :)


Barbara said...

I want a handyman, too!!

I love all the fabrics. I just can't choose. Sorry.

Beth said...

Great curtains!! They look so nice. I vote for the hold backs that match the rod; don't worry about the trim. As for the tablecloth, I'd pick your favorite of the other two fabrics with maybe a stripe of the curtain fabric as an accent--maybe around the edge as a border? Good luck!

Von said...

Hi Patti!
I think I'd try the tie backs first before adding any length, as Kathie suggested. That alone might do the trick!