June 26, 2006

HAED Storey Keeper Update

Here are two pictures of my latest progress on my HAED. I've now completed 2,400 stitches. I took a close up and a distance (not the greatest of photos) because I think you get to see the affect better with the far away view. With the weather so cloudy and grey, it's hard to work on this - I really have to use the cheaters for this project. I am hoping we will eventually get some sun and that I can stitch outside. It's much easier to see with good daylight. I wish I had a camera with a zoom for these kinds of photos!

It rained quite a bit again today and most of last night. Everything is so clammy and damp I can't stand it. My towels are sour after one day and every piece of paper in the house is limp. I think even Cowboy is depressed by the weather. He's been moping around looking for something to do but being outside is pretty miserable as the mosquitoes are huge and hungry. Please oh please will someone send some sunshine????


Joanie said...

Hey, in NY we don't think we will ever see the sun again! It's humid and grey and very wet. The only things liking this weather is the lawn and my flowers.

Guess what, my confirmation came for CATS classes...yippie!

I love your Dainty Housewren and I can not believe the detail in your HAED project!

Von said...

How I wish there was some way to blast our heat your way! Hang in there, the sun is sure to make an appearance soon.

Barbara said...

We've also got a serious gray, damp weather-thing going. Ugh. But I love your story keeper! Is it fun to stitch?

Hoping we'll all see some sun, soon!!

Nancy said...

Patti, your Storykeeper is starting out great! This is one that I want to do. How's it stitching wise? Hard, enjoyable, pain in the wazooo??? LOL

Hugs! Nancy :0)

Nancy said...
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Nancy said...
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