November 3, 2011

Call me a quitter...for now

I don't often let a project get the best of me but this one definitely has.  I had planned to make this headband and the matching fingerless gloves for one of my nieces for Christmas but after 5 attempts at the pattern, I'm giving up.  The pattern came from a knitting a day calendar someone gave me a while back and I saved out the projects I really liked.  For some reason, this one is just beyond me.  I did learn how to pfb and I've done cables before but this one has just got me ripping out with each new section.  I'm going on to my next planned project and may come back to this as I am just stubborn enough to try and figure it out.  But there's not enough time until the holiday to waste more time figuring it out.  Have you ever had a project where you just couldn't figure it out? 

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