November 10, 2011

Workshop Central

 My younger sister decided we should have a home-made Christmas this year.  This is a view of my office/craft room as a result of that decision. To the left of this photo there are bags of yarn just waiting for their turn on the ball winder that has become permanently fixed to the counter of my work table.

For many of the people on my list, I decided to make cowls.  Some are going to be made quickly using a large crochet hook and very bulking yarn.  Some will get a cowl I found on Ravelry that is knit and takes a bit longer to craft but it is quite warm and cozy.

I have completed 2 from my list so far with one waiting on another ball of yarn and one waiting to be cast on.  By the time I'm done, I will probably never want to see another cowl again in my lifetime!


mainely stitching said...

Cowls rock!!! You are going to make some people very happy (and warm!).

Chris said...

fun looking room you got there!! i can't wait to see one of your cowls, what a great gift idea!!

LivnLaf said...

Hi Patty!
Thanks for posting the Ravelry site. I love it! Good luck with your Christmas knitting.