November 7, 2011

Sunday Sunshine Snoozin

Beau is a sun worshipper and takes any chance he gets to nap in that golden warmth.  If I open the back door, he is quick to make himself comfortable on the landing between going out and going down into the basement.  It makes for a tricky trip down to do laundry but he so enjoys it, that I open the door for him as often as the weather allows.  I should probably get a full glass door for the back so he can sunbathe all the time. 

While he was so slothfully enjoying the sun, I was once again raking leaves.  I cut two trees down in the spring and somehow thought that would mean less leaf raking in the fall but that hasn't seemed to be the case.  If only I could create some force field or barrier around the perimeter of my yard so all of the neighbors leaves couldn't enter my yard, I'd be all set!

I hope your Sunday was an enjoyable one.  There was some stitching for me but I'll share that tomorrow.  I have really enjoyed reading all of the things many of you are thankful for.  I hope it gets us all focusing on what we do have considering all the doom and gloom we are bombarded with on TV and in the news.  Keep them coming!

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Chris said...

he is too freakin cute!!!! sadie loves the sun too, but not the furry one...she seems to be in a 24-hour-hot-flash these