November 14, 2011

HRH Holiday Progress

On Friday evening I sat down and paid some attention to my Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow project.  I'm working to fill in the house which has quite a few stitches left to go but I'm pretty happy with the progress I've made so far.  I was not looking forward to stitching this block because of the house and the solid stitching involved but I have to say I haven't minded it at all.  It's actually gone pretty quickly. 

I am also on the final 25% of the Christmas ornament stitching I started over the weekend.  Working on this one has made me wish I'd done a bit more ornament stitching this year.  I have all of the ornie kits from an exchange I was in this year with none of them started but maybe I will pull one out and get started after I finish my current project.  Are you holiday stitching this year?

Hope you had a great Monday.  Tomorrow means the month is 1/2 over and next week will be Thanksgiving!


mainely stitching said...

I'm doing some Christmas stitching, but pretty much whatever catches my fancy. It will be interesting to figure out what goes to whom when the time comes, LOL!

staci said...

You are making really lovely progress on CaHRH!