November 25, 2011


We fried our turkey yesterday but the day after, FRY-day has also become a tradition in our family.  You can't let that extra oil you bought just in case go to waste so it gets used up to fry a variety of different foods including snickers bars, Oreos, Twinkies, old cheesecake, french fries, sweet potato fries and just about any thing else we can think of to freeze and then dip in batter and drop in hot peanut oil. 

This year I was out meeting up with two former work colleagues so I missed the actual fry-fest and thus have no photos to share but the moans and groans I came home to indicate it was another successful day after Thanksgiving.  This year I am thankful I missed it!!

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mainely stitching said...

Oh my, that is decadent!! :)