November 8, 2011

UFO Stitching

The first Sunday of the month is UFO stitching day for an email group I've belonged to for the last 6 years or so.  Once I had finished my outdoor chores and some indoor things, I settled down with BBD's Winter Wonderland.  I had not completed all that much the last time I put it down back at the beginning of May. 

Yesterday I completed the birds across the top of the roof, the right hand chimney, the letters I and J and the small eyelet next to them as well as the brown parts of the roof.  Not bad for a few hours of stitching.  It was hard to zip this back into its project bag but I am working on some crochet & knit gifts as well as trying to complete the block on C@HRH so I will leave it alone until the first Sunday in December.


staci said...

Very pretty progress!

Chris said...

this is very pretty! >"<

Brigitte said...

This is a wonderful UFO. And now that winter is around the corner you will be even more motivated to stitch on it.